New-Start Cooking Club


  • Want more health and less medicine? Live well naturally with the New-Start Cooking Club.
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  • Connect here to find recipes for food that loves you back at our New-Start HealthBites website. 


New-Start Cooking Club is a community club that is committed to eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other plant foods. Our motto is "Love food that loves you back!" We are passionate about sharing easy and delicious recipes that can help you live well naturally one bite at a time.

We provide free classes twice a month. You can also connect with us at our Facebook page (New Start Cooking Club). You can find recipes, cooking hacks, simple steps for healthy meals, and more. You can also join our online cooking club at our website, New Start Health Bites. 

Our club is here to support you on your health walk. If you would like to grow stronger in health, drop some weight, or need recipes for healthy eating, New-Start Cooking Club is the place for you. 

Register for our free classes at our Facebook page or by calling our director at 810-247-5818.



Does eating more vegetables sound drab to you? It doesn't have to be. Especially when you dig into our Confetti Salad with its Caribbean-style dressing. Click on the heading above to find your recipe today. Happy eating!