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Sabbath School is the heart of our church. The key to its power is that it follows the Biblical model for being a disciple of Jesus Christ: Bible Study & prayer, fellowship, and mission.

  1.  Bible Study & Prayer: We grow closer to God through group Bible study. Every 3 months we study a new topic designed to help us "grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" (2 Peter 3:18). Sabbath School also is a time where we pray for each other and for people we are reaching out to with God's love.

  2. Fellowship: We grow closer to each other as we discuss the Bible lesson in small groups. We also grow together as we spend time together outside of class in reaching out to others.

  3. Mission: We grow in Christ as we learn to spread the gospel and help others become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Sabbath School involves a vibrant Mission Program where we learn about God's work around the world and how we can support it with our prayers and offerings. Mission also includes local mission projects where classes reach out to friends and neighbors with the love of Jesus.

Sabbath School begins at 9:30 am on Saturday morning. This quarter, the adults are learning how to interpret the Bible so we better understand what God is saying to us. 


Because of the coronavirus, we cannot meet for a faith-building discussion of this lesson in church this week. But you can find this lesson online to study at home. Click on the link below:

You can also participate in a weekly Bible study on this lesson on Saturday mornings at 10 am. We are using Zoom technology to help you join a Bible study class while you are sheltered at home during the COVID-19 crisis.